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If your heating and air conditioning equipment is older, it's important that you hire a specialist that's experienced with precision work for help. With many older systems, it's not unusual to have very limited space around the unit, making maintenance and repairs difficult.

Turn to Freeman Infinity Air LLC and know that your system is in capable hands. If you need to replace your old unit with a bigger one, you can trust that we'll position it perfectly, no matter how tight the space around it may be. If you can save money by relocating the new unit to a more open space on your property, we'll let you know your options.

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Let's talk about tight spaces and the need for a contractor with the ability to deliver when the project looks impossible. Since the beginning, Freeman Infinity Air has been dedicated to making sure the job is done right, from start to finish, with satisfaction as the top priority. We have been dedicated to not only thoroughness, but also cosmetics of a complete project. Let's face it, not all projects have the space needed to make for an easy installation or service repair, and with constant changing EPA regulations along with equipment size increases, you need a contractor with experience in the field and who knows what they're doing now more than ever. When it comes to design that will affect top performance of your system's efficiency, coupled together with tight tolerances, you can count on Freeman Infinity Air to make it happen. As you can see in our gallery below, we make the seemingly impossible, possible.

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Do you know what's going on with your HVAC system at any given time? Most home owners live by the true standard "out of sight, out of mind" mentality. What you can't see, you don't know, and what you don't see every day, you forget about. We're human. That's where a specialist in preventative maintenance comes in, to analyze what your system is or isn't doing, or what your system is or isn't capable of, especially before we hit the harsh seasons of Summers and Winters. Much like the weather, we can't always predict exactly what our systems will do at precise times, nevertheless, we can predict most things and can be proactive against a total catastrophe at the worst moments, the hottest or coldest days of the year. Did you know your system can be growing mold, blowing it through your airstream? Is your air toxic due to a cracked heat exchanger? Is your system developing a small leak? Did you know that build up on your system creates inefficiency, causing higher energy bills? Did you know a clogged drain can cause major damage to your home? Have you ever had anything, ever cleaned or checked on your system? Well if the answer to any of these questions is "No", then it's most likely time that you start getting ahead of the preventative maintenance game, before your system leaves you high and dry. Ask about our preventative plans to keep you in the know of your system on a seasonal basis. Freeman Infinity Air, 'Keeping You Going'

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When you hire Freeman Infinity Air for precision projects, the job will be done right the first time. Other companies normally won't perform maintenance and repairs on older units, but we'll take on the challenge and guarantee a successful result.

We're dedicated to making sure you're satisfied with the placement, appearance and overall function of your precision HVAC project. Reach out to our team today to discuss your HVAC needs - we're here to help.