Keep Calm When Your Heating or Air Conditioning Breaks

Rely on us for quality HVAC installations

When your heating or cooling system breaks, you're left with a stressful situation. Call Freeman Infinity Air LLC and know that you'll receive honest help and advice.

With over 25 years of experience fixing and installing HVAC systems in South Carolina, we have the skills to diagnose your system quickly. Once we do, we'll tell you whether you need an entirely new system or just a simple repair to fix the problem. If you do need a new system, don't worry - credit-based financing is readily available.

Reach out to us today for HVAC installations. With us, there are no hidden fees, no upcharges and no changes to the original estimate we give you.

Do you need a new HVAC system?

Your system's efficiency can drastically decrease over time, especially if it's over 10 years old. Here are 7 signs it may be time for new system:

  1. Your electricity bill is spiking
  2. Your home has weak air flow
  3. Your thermostat isn't working
  4. Your home has excess humidity
  5. Your unit is leaking water or freon
  6. Your system is making loud noises
  7. You detect strange smells coming from the unit
If you are experiencing any of the above issues with your HVAC, we'd be happy to help. Contact us today for HVAC expertise.

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